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Image Sensor

Trex has an innovative and patented approach to the design of complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) active pixel sensors and is currently working on sensors for the imaging marketplace. These sensors use next-generation technology called Hi-Sight™ to achieve the highest quantum efficiency ratings and the lowest noise levels in the industry, enabling camera manufacturers to create the next-generation of low cost, low power cameras. Our initial products are most appropriate for cell phone cameras and high resolution (up to 40 Mpixels) digital cameras.

Our e-Phocus subsidiary’s patented Photoconductor on Active Pixel (POAP™) technology enables coating of a complementary metal oxide and semiconductor (CMOS) chip with a photoconductive layer. Our CMOS image sensor provides desired sensitivity, resolution, and low power consumption at a low cost. The development of CCD and CMOS sensors has enabled the creation of a multi-billion dollar market. We expect our e-Phocus subsidiary will be become a significant participant in this multi-billion dollar market.

e-Phocus’ image chips will deliver unprecedented price/performance features that customers need to achieve their growth targets.  They include solutions for which POAP™ provides the lowest cost for the required performance, like digital still and cell phone cameras. These applications use our chips in the visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. 


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